Many pharmaceuticals are similar to duct tape.  They act as a great temporary fix but are not a solution to the real problem.  If you took your vehicle with a leaky water hose to a mechanic to be repaired, what would you think of a mechanic that simply wrapped duct tape around the leaky hose and told you to come back every two to three weeks for new duct tape?

My guess is that you’d be upset and offended that someone would offer such a poor solution to a fixable problem.  You would wonder why someone would not take the time to properly repair a valuable commodity, such as your automobile, properly.  The fact is this is such a ridiculous solution that none of us will likely ever encounter this situation with our vehicles.

Oddly enough, you will almost certainly encounter this exact situation in the treatment of your most viable asset – your own body.  Taking pharmaceuticals for problems such as blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, and innumerable other conditions is essentially the same as treating your body with duct tape. The proper solution is to make lifestyle choices that will treat the root of your problem.  It is time to change your diet and begin exercising.  This is the solution.

Pharmaceuticals are designed to treat symptoms not provide solutions.  This is a basic business tactic.  It is poor business to create a solution to a problem.  It is great business to create a situation in which you have a return customer for life.  Pharmaceuticals, most often, will not solve your problems.  They will, however, give you additional problems.  All medications possess side effects.  Some of these are simply worse than others.  In our car analogy, this would be similar to not only using duct tape to fix the water hose but at the same time adding dirt to the gas tank. Problems are only repaired temporarily. Other problems are added in, creating more of a mess. Meanwhile, the root problem, since it’s never being addressed, continues to escalate in scale.

Many problems in our society are completely reversible and preventable.  Researchers state that 70 to 80% of all illness in the United States is lifestyle related.  This means that you can eliminate the possibility of 70 to 80% of all the bad health problems that may occur.  This also means that many of the problems you currently have can be eliminated.

Your body is by far your most valuable asset. Do not take your health for granted.  If you would never consider fixing your car with duct tape, why would you treat your body in a similar fashion?