Physical Therapy Explained

Physical therapy is often a mystery to many people. Most people have never experienced physical therapy firsthand and have very little idea of what physical therapy entails. Some people even come to therapy feeling that they’re wasting their time, certain that therapy has nothing to offer them and their condition (these people often become our biggest cheerleaders following treatment).

In the most basic sense, physical therapy works to restore function to people’s bodies. Therapy can help reduce pain, improve movement/balance, and restore physical abilities. Unlike many prescription medications that simply mask the symptoms, therapy is designed to eliminate and solve problems. In addition to working to improve problems in your body, a good physical therapist will educate you as to how your injury occurred and how you can avoid problems in the future.

When you leave Fast Track, after your first visit, you will have a very good understanding of what is wrong with your body and what we can do to fix your problem.

Better therapy, better results! Get help today!

We don't mask the problem, we correct it! Take back control of your body and come see us at Fast Track Fitness & Physical Therapy.


Better therapy, better results! Get help today!

We don't mask the problem, we correct it! Take back control of your body and come see us at Fast Track Fitness & Physical Therapy.


Who Are Physical Therapists?

Physical therapists are trained to be experts in dealing with problems of the muscle, nervous and skeletal systems. Most physical therapists are educated at a Masters degree level or greater. We utilize natural means to help people regain their health. We accomplish healing through hands-on care, therapeutic exercise, patient education, biomechanical analysis, postural improvement and modalities. We work to solve problems permanently. We don’t simply address treatment to mask your symptoms. We also don’t believe in treating your problem for a lifetime. It is our goal to fix your problem as soon as possible and educate you as to how to avoid future difficulties.

We want you to regain independence and be pain-free as soon as possible. We do not prescribe medication or order expensive tests. Our extensive education, instead, teaches us to analyze problems utilizing hands-on techniques and objective tests. We spend a considerable amount of time asking you questions about your particular problem and your specific goals. We then design a program to properly address the solution to your problem and help you attain your goals. Once you’ve experienced high quality physical therapy, we’re confident that you will be a believer.

What Do Physical Therapists Do?

Physical therapists have many tools at their disposal to help you with your current problems. We utilize techniques such as massage in order to loosen tight tissues, improve blood flow and reduce pain in injured tissues. We perform stretching activities in order to restore the proper flexibility to restricted areas. Joint mobilization is utilized in order to improve the movement between two or more bones and is also beneficial in reducing pain. Physical therapists utilize electrical equipment designed to reduce swelling and pain in injured tissues. Therapeutic exercise is administered to restore strength and blood flow to weakened/injured muscles.

Therapy will educate patients regarding their current problem. We teach patients how to rid themselves of pain and show them how to avoid future problems. We work to improve posture and restore normal biomechanics to the body. Special neurological procedures are utilized in order to help people’s bodies regain proper movement patterns. Gait training is utilized to help improve and normalize people’s ability to walk. These are the most common tools and techniques utilized by physical therapists to help restore function and eliminate pain.  There are others that physical therapists employ as needed.

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Why Go To Physical Therapy?

When you have a problem with your body there are many treatment options available to you in both traditional medicine and alternative medicine sources. While physical therapy is incapable of curing all problems, medical research shows that therapy is a highly effective choice for treating many conditions. In fact, physical therapy has been shown to be as effective as surgery for many conditions. Perhaps the most outstanding part of physical therapy is that we are one of the few specialties that still provide hands-on care to patients. We also spend time listening and educating our patients. Most importantly, we focus on a solution to your problem. We do not mask your problem or simply treat the symptoms. We want to alleviate your problem permanently. We also educate you in ways to avoid future problems. After all, the best injury is the one that is prevented before it can happen.

Physical Therapy

  • Conservative and noninvasive
  • No side effects other than improved function and a sense of well-being
  • Cost effective
  • Returns function
  • Addresses the cause of the problem; therapy does not simply mask the symptoms

All Prescription Medications Have Side Effects

Most medications are designed to treat symptoms and not correct problems. Not only will physical therapy address the true cause of your problem but we have good side effects. Some of the side effects you may experience from physical therapy are as follows: weight loss, decreased blood pressure, decreased cholesterol, mood elevation and increased quality of life.

Is Physical Therapy Right for Me?