Arthritis pain is a fact of life. You hear this all the time. Many people think that as you age pain is simply something with which you must learn to live. This is absolutely untrue. Pain is not normal and not something with which you have to suffer. There is a significant amount of research available that shows that exercise can reduce the pain associated with arthritis and even prevent arthritis from developing. Fast Track is experienced in dealing with arthritic conditions and can help design an individualized program to help reduce your pain now.

  • Research: Regular exercise may have a preventative role in populations at risk for developing osteoarthritis. (Geriatrics and Aging, 2007)
  • Research: Regular exercise, specifically the arthritis foundation exercise program, is an effective course in significantly improving and managing arthritis pain. (Arthritis Care and Research Journal, 2008)
  • Research: Surgery is no more effective than physical therapy and medical management for osteoarthritis of the knee. (New England Journal of medicine, September 2008)
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