Suffering a cardiac event or being diagnosed with a cardiac disease is a life altering event.  You are now faced with disability and your own mortality.  You are scared.  You want to get back in control of your life but you don’t know where to start.  You feel overwhelmed.  You know you need to make changes in your lifestyle.  But where do you begin? Where can you get help?

A Cardiac Diagnosis Shouldn’t Signal the Time to Quit

A cardiac event or disease can greatly alter your life.  Many of your leisure pursuits and routine daily activities can suddenly be difficult or impossible to perform.  You are now confronted with a choice.  You can give in to the disease or you can take control.  If you choose to take control, we can help.  At Fast Track, we have simple answers to help you solve your difficult problems.

Fast Track Comprehensive Care

At Fast Track, we have assembled a multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals to address your exact situation.  We will work to make positive alterations your lifestyle, improve your ability to perform lost functional activities, and restore your quality of life.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect?

  • 87% improvement in quality of life.
  • Improved ability to perform functional activities.
  • Reduced risk for mortality.
  • Decreased depression.
  • Increased energy levels.
  • Improved sleep patterns.
  • Sexual performance enhancement.
  • Decreased risk of chronic disease such as diabetes, cancer and stroke.

What Does Our Program Include?

We incorporate a multidisciplinary approach to solving your problems.  We have physicians, psychologists, physical therapists, massage therapists, nutritionists, and nurses at your disposal to help you achieve your desired goals.  We address you as a whole person. We want to do more than simply restore one small aspect of your life. We want to completely transform your health.  While we do offer a full complement of disciplines, it is not mandatory to utilize all of our services.  You may simply take advantage of whatever services you feel may best assist you in attaining your optimal health.

What Do We Do?

We offer a number of different services to help you achieve optimum health.  It is up to you to choose which services you feel will be most helpful in getting your life back to ideal.  Here is a brief overview of what we can offer:

Cardiology – we work with the finest physicians to ensure you’re provided with the highest level of care for your heart condition.  Our physicians understand the importance of treating your whole body, not just your heart.  Our physicians want to make sure that they not only keep you healthy but make sure you enjoy the highest quality of life.

Nursing – Nursing will supervise your rehabilitation program.  They will monitor your program to ensure your safety during your rehabilitation.  Nursing can also provide you with education regarding your condition, medications, and any symptoms you may be having.

Physical Therapy – Physical therapy works to restore your strength and endurance.  Our therapists focus on getting you back to doing not just routine activities but also the activities that you love.

Psychology – Psychology will help you to deal with the mental aspects of your disease.  Psychology can also help with everything from depression and fear of dying to overcoming bad lifestyle habits.

Nutrition – Nutrition is a cornerstone to improving your cardiac health.  Our nutritionist will work to design you a program that fits your individual lifestyle.

Massage Therapy – Massage therapy is now substantiated by research to help decrease stress and blood pressure.  Our therapists will help improve your health, release tension from your muscles and improve your overall well-being.

Pharmaceuticals are Important but…

Pharmaceutical treatments are an important part of any cardiac rehabilitation program.  Pharmaceuticals are capable of accomplishing amazing things in your body.  But most are not designed to permanently solve problems. Pharmaceuticals are designed to treat symptoms but often do little, or nothing, to address the root cause of the problem.  Without correcting the root cause of the problem, can you expect your health to truly improve?  Continuing to eat poorly, avoiding exercise, and engaging in poor lifestyle choices will only ensure continued degradation of your health.  Pharmaceuticals all have side effects.  Many of these side effects are debilitating.  Pharmaceuticals are also costly.  You need to address the factors that have brought you to this point in your life.  It’s time to correct problems instead of simply ignoring them or masking them with medications.

Improve Your Quality of Life

Our program will not only help you to improve your nutritional habits, strength, functional abilities, mental health, and endurance but we will also return you to your leisure activities, restore your confidence, and improve your sense of well-being. Having a heart condition is a serious medical situation but it does not need to ruin your life.  Our program will not only help you to live longer but it will help you to live better.

Why Choose Fast Track?

Fast Track is the only facility in the Murrieta/Temecula Valley that treats you comprehensively.  We have assembled the finest team to make sure that we rehabilitate you back to your highest level.  Your health is important to us and you will be treated at a superior level of care.

You Have Everything to Lose

The research is overwhelmingly clear.  Cardiac rehabilitation can greatly improve all aspects of your life.  There is no need to give up participating in your favorite activities. You will, however, need to perform some extra activity in order for your body to perform its best.  Cardiac disease, as with aging, does not need to be accepted as an automatic decline in function.  You have choices and options available to help you achieve the lifestyle you want.

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Research: Resistance training has profound beneficial effects on improving muscle strength and endurance, preventing osteoporosis and improving quality of life both in the healthy and cardiovascular patients. (Therapeutic Advances in Cardiovascular Disease, 2008)

  • Research: Regular exercise not only helps prevent heart disease but also helps reduce mortality in patients taking cardiovascular medication. (Heart, 2009)
  • Click here for more research