Having problems losing weight? Tired and lacking energy? Are you concerned about your health failing? Tired of spending money on medications? Do you have pain in your joints? Are you losing the ability to perform activities that you enjoy due to excess weight? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you’re not alone. Over 50% of the US population is now considered overweight. If you’re like many others, you have probably tried numerous diets only to have them fail. In fact, researchers have shown that 95% of dieters are unsuccessful. Most dieters will gain all the weight that they have lost (some even gain more) back within one year. If you live in the Murrieta Temecula Valley, we have great news.

Fast Track Fitness and Physical Therapy will help you succeed. Best of all, our program is reimbursable by insurance (sorry, no HMOs).

Learn To Succeed in Weight Loss

When you join Fast Track’s Murrieta Temecula research-based metabolic program for weight loss you will learn:

  • Why most diets fail.
  • Why you don’t need to avoid your favorite foods in order to lose weight. In fact, you don’t need any special diet.
  • Why some weight loss strategies actually make you gain weight.
  • Why most supplements and diet foods are a waste of your money.
  • Lifelong strategies to succeed in not only helping you achieve your weight goals but also improve your health.
  • How to exercise in the most efficient manner possible (we understand that most people do not enjoy exercising).
  • Why just doing cardiovascular exercise alone can sabotage your weight loss goals.
  • Why low carbohydrate diets not only fail but make you feel terrible and decrease your ability to think.
  • Why you want to avoid negative, life altering procedures such as lap-band and gastric bypass surgeries.

Fast Track’s Murrieta Temecula weight loss program will not only help you to lose weight but will improve your health, increase energy levels, improve your quality of life, decrease depression and reduce your dependence on prescription medications. Not only will we help you to lose weight but we will improve your health, increase energy levels, improve your quality of life, decrease depression and reduce your dependence on prescription medications. We are healthcare professionals genuinely interested in preventative health. We don’t believe in gimmicky quick fixes. We want to create lasting change. We will teach you why your past efforts to lose weight have failed. We will clear up the myths surrounding weight loss and replace them with research-based fact. We will prescribe a program that will provide you with all the health benefits that can be derived from exercise with an investment of just three hours per week. We will help you with lifestyle changes that will immediately impact your health.

You Need Help

Studies have shown that you can double the odds of your weight-loss success by simply having someone supervise your program.  With the Fast Track Murrieta Temecula weight-loss program, your supervision will not only help you to achieve your weight-loss goals faster but will teach you proper nutrition, exercise technique, behavior modification and goal setting. This will help you to achieve permanent, healthy results with less likelihood for injury.

What is Involved in the Fast Track Program?

The Fast Track Murrieta Temecula program approaches weight loss from a holistic standpoint.  We work on improving your diet, altering negative behaviors, teaching efficient and effective exercise, and educating you in healthy life style changes. The research is clear, most weight loss programs, supplements, gadgets and gimmicks do not work. It is time to stop repeating the same cycle of mistakes that have failed to help you lose weight in the past.  Let us save you time, effort and money by teaching you to do things the right way. Stop chasing after that magic potion or program that you know deep down will not succeed. Our program will help you to permanently improve your health and keep the weight off.

I’m Afraid of Change

Don’t worry.  It is not our goal to try and turn you into someone you’re not.  We have no intention of trying to turn you into a fitness nut or a vegetarian.  We will work with you to cater the program to meet your specific needs.  If we try to alter too many characteristics of your lifestyle, then we will likely cause you to fail because the program will become too difficult to follow.  Instead, our program focuses on changing as little as possible in order to significantly improve your health and help you to achieve your weight loss goals.

But I Hate Exercise

Welcome to the club. Most of us hate exercise. Exercise, unfortunately, is unavoidable if you truly want to improve your health and permanently lose weight. The fact is research repeatedly shows that exercise is the closest thing we have to the fountain of youth. Did you know that researchers estimate that 80% of illness in the United States is preventable with lifestyle change? Exercise is a cornerstone to avoiding illness. The good news is that Fast Track’s Murrieta Temecula exercise program is designed to achieve maximal results with minimal investment. For a mere three hour per week investment, you cannot beat the return you receive from exercise.  Research has shown that people engaged in regular exercise, eating four to five servings of fruits/and/or vegetables per day, abstaining from smoking and drinking alcohol in moderation out-live others by an average of 14 years. Do you still think three hours of exercise per week is too much?

Need Motivation?

If you’re still not convinced that you need to join the Fast Track Murrieta Temecula weight loss program, then here are a few more of the benefits you will receive from our program:

  • Dercreased blood pressure and cholesterol
  • Improved blood sugars
  • Reduced risk for chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and stroke
  • Improved quality of life due to the ability to perform more activities
  • Decreased pain
  • Improved energy and stamina
  • Decreased depression
  • Decreased risk for cancer by 50 to 70%
  • Significant increase in life expectancy

Why Should I Join Fast Track?

Fast Track’s Murrieta Temecula weight-loss program has been carefully designed by Mark Olives (a Murrieta resident). Mark has a Bachelors of Science degree in physical education, a Masters degree in physical therapy, and certifications in nutrition, and personal training. The program is based soundly on medical research. There is no guesswork involved in our program.

70 to 80% of illness in the United States is preventable. Change your life now before illness has its chance.

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  • Research: The best weight-loss results included a combination of training, behavior therapy and diet. (Perspect Public Health, 2009.) The Fast Track program is based entirely on research. We generate results quickly and effectively.
  • Research: The University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom recently released a research finding that showed that people were able to extend their life by an average of 14 years when they followed four simple factors. These factors are as follows: no smoking, drinking alcohol in moderation, eating lots of fruits and vegetables and exercising regularly.
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