My Motivation

My father was a type II diabetic. He died at 59. Prior to his death he battled loss of vision, peripheral neuropathy, multiple heart attacks, and amputations. My father was overweight, did not exercise, practiced poor nutritional habits and in short did not take care of his health.

It was extremely difficult to watch my father lose the ability to perform even simple tasks such as walking around the house. Several years before his death he had lost the ability to participate in working on cars which was always his love. In short, my father became elderly at an age at which he should have still been a vibrant and active man. While I cannot say conclusively that he would still be here today had he led a better lifestyle, the research certainly shows that he could have greatly stacked the odds in his favor.

Since embarking on my healthcare career in 1995, I have been disturbed to see patterns such as my father’s play out numerous times. I’ve come to realize that for some unknown reason, humans, and especially males, tend to take their health for granted. People simply think that their bodies will continue to function well despite making unhealthy lifestyle choices. For the first five years of my career, I worked in the hospital treating diabetic patients. I cannot tell you how many times I treated patients following a stroke, heart attack, or amputation that the patient would profess severe regret of not having taking better care of themselves. Unfortunately, at this point, damage has been done.

Since the time of my graduation from physical therapy school, it has been my passion to help patients avoid disease and death by making simple lifestyle changes. I would like to help as many people as possible avoid the path that my father and former patients have chosen.  I would sincerely like to help you and/or the people you care about achieve a healthier outcome and a better quality of life.

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