A Note From Owner Mark Olives

When I was eight years old, I started noticing pain in my left hip. This started me on my first medical Odyssey. After seeing at least 20 different doctors over several years, I felt dissatisfied with the medical system. They did diagnose my problem but left me with no solutions as to how to address my pain. I was never offered physical therapy, never given any exercises to perform, and perhaps worst of all I was never told why was having pain. I always felt that if I knew the reason I was having pain in my hip, I could do something to address the problem.

At an early age, I felt that the medical care that I received lacked passion and caring. This experience, and others in my life, drove me to pursue a career in healthcare and specifically in physical therapy. I chose physical therapy because I wanted to have a career in which I was able to spend time interacting with patients, providing care that would help to eliminate a patient’s pain and/or problems.  I wanted to be able to supply patients with education and explanations as to their conditions. I chose physical therapy as a career to provide services that I wished that I had access to as a young child.

Since entering the healthcare field, I have been pleased to find that there are many caring, gifted physicians out practicing. Unfortunately, there also physicians that believe entirely in medications to solve all of your problems. If you are having pain, or are lacking function, and your physician has not given you a prescription for physical therapy, I would encourage you to contact our office so that we can try to intervene on your behalf. While physical therapy cannot solve every problem, we can help in a lot of cases. We would like the opportunity try to help improve your quality of life and improve your ability to function.