Are you tired of taking medications for blood pressure, cholesterol, etc? Wouldn’t you like to save money every month by not having to purchase prescription medication? Are you experiencing adverse effects from some of the medications that you are taking? Did you know that all medications have side effects? Are you aware that there is no way to predict the interaction between medications when you take more than three drugs at a time?

It is our goal at Fast Track Fitness and Physical Therapy to help patients get off, or at least decrease their prescription medication. After all, prescription medication typically only addresses the symptoms of a problem and does not eliminate the cause. At Fast Track we get to the root of the problem so that we can eliminate your dependence on medication and improve your health and quality of life. We regularly achieve amazing results with our patients. In as little as eight weeks, patients are showing amazing decreases in blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugars. It’s time to put your health first. Call Fast Track today.

  • Research: A program of regular exercise and weight loss can be the first option for treating overweight individuals with moderately high blood pressure and may keep them from having to take antihypertensive drugs. (Hypertension, 2009)
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