Work injuries are stressful. If dealing with the pain and suffering of an injury is not enough, work injuries can also produce additional mental stress. Some people may be worried about losing their job. Others may have to deal with financial stress (Workers’ Compensation and disability do not pay as well as the typical salary). Fast Track Fitness and Physical Therapy understands the work injury. We work as quickly as possible to return you to work in the most efficient timeframe. At the same time, we have the best facility in the Murrieta/Temecula Valley to ensure that when you return to work you will be more than strong enough and capable of performing all of your work duties.

  • Research: Medical exercise therapy and conventional physical therapy reduces costs for days on sick leave for patients with chronic lower back pain compared to self exercise groups. Leaving patients with chronic low back pain untampered posts a risk of worsening the disability resulting in longer periods of sick leave. (Spine, January 2000)
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