People will often take a considerable amount of time to find the right surgeon to perform their orthopedic procedure. When it comes to physical therapy, however, they will usually choose the provider that is simply closest in proximity. This is a big mistake. Unfortunately, even a great surgeon’s work can be seriously compromised by inferior physical therapy.

At Fast Track Fitness and Physical Therapy we pride ourselves on providing superior outcomes for our orthopedic patients. We do not randomly apply treatment to our patients but instead, follow protocols designed to progress your injury in a safe and timely fashion. Surgery is a painful and expensive procedure. Make sure that you get the best results possible by going to a physical therapist that will maximize your function and ability.

  • Research: Surgical treatment of rotator cuff syndrome with subacromial impingement was not superior to physical therapy with training (Ann Rheum Dis, 2005).
  • Research: Physical therapy as primary management for back pain produced results as favorable as those by junior orthopedic surgeons, but generated lower direct hospital costs. (Journal of Epidemiol Community Health, October 1999).
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