Albert Einstein stated it best when he defined insanity as repeating the same mistake and expecting a different outcome.

Are you a chronic dieter?  How many different weight loss strategies, exercise gadgets, and special supplements have you tried?  After spending countless amounts of money and energy on fruitless strategies it should become obvious that there are no quick fixes for weight loss. In fact, if you continue to search for the miracle cure to weight loss, hoping to avoid the harder, but more permanent solution of lifestyle alteration, then you may indeed be considered insane – not to mention frustrated and broke.

It is time to ignore the false hopes and flashy marketing schemes of weight loss companies, supplement manufacturers, and exercise gadget designers.  Medical research continually points to the only solution for permanent weight loss change as portion control and exercise. This answer can be difficult to hear as it takes hard work, and discipline. Unfortunately, all of the choices are simply – insane.

Even if there was a magical pill for weight loss, it would still not eliminate your body’s need for exercise.  Exercise has volumes of research showing that it provides benefit for almost every possible disease and condition known to man. Researchers have stated that if you could put all of the positive effects of exercise into a pill, it would be considered mandatory medicine for every person in the United States. Unfortunately, these researchers also state that we are far away from the design of such a medication. It is exceptionally unlikely that it will ever occur in our lifetimes.

It is time to put your head down and adopt the hard work strategy of portion control and exercise. This is the miracle cure that you’ve been searching for.  This strategy will help you to finally achieve your weight loss goals.