Multiple Sclerosis

  • Current studies demonstrate that physical activity in patients with multiple sclerosis counteracts depression and fatigue and may improve quality of life. (Nervenartz, 2009)
  • Moderate resistance training programs can improve muscle function without injuries and can be a promising therapy to delay the functional deterioration in multiple sclerosis patients. (Int J Sports Med., 2009)
  • Evidence from a number of studies have suggested that exercise is a safe and efficient way to induce improvements (in multiple sclerosis patients) in a number of physiological functions which can ultimately lead to functional improvements that have a positive effect on the patient's daily life. (Int MS J., 2009)
  • Favorable fatigue, depression and quality-of-life scores were reported by persons with multiple sclerosis who regularly participated in physical activity when compared to persons with multiple sclerosis who were classified as non-exercisers. (Health Quality Life Outcomes, 2009)