Who Are Physical Therapists?

Physical therapists are trained to be experts in dealing with problems of the muscle, nervous and skeletal systems. Most physical therapists are educated at a Masters degree level or greater. We utilize natural means to help people regain their health. We accomplish healing through hands-on care, therapeutic exercise, patient education, biomechanical analysis, postural improvement and modalities. We work to solve problems permanently. We don't simply address treatment to mask your symptoms. We also don't believe in treating your problem for a lifetime. It is our goal to fix your problem as soon as possible and educate you as to how to avoid future difficulties.

We want you to regain independence and be pain-free as soon as possible. We do not prescribe medication or order expensive tests. Our extensive education, instead, teaches us to analyze problems utilizing hands-on techniques and objective tests. We spend a considerable amount of time asking you questions about your particular problem and your specific goals. We then design a program to properly address the solution to your problem and help you attain your goals. Once you've experienced high quality physical therapy, we're confident that you will be a believer.