What Do Physical Therapists Do?

Physical therapists have many tools at their disposal to help you with your current problems. We utilize techniques such as massage in order to loosen tight tissues, improve blood flow and reduce pain in injured tissues. We perform stretching activities in order to restore the proper flexibility to restricted areas. Joint mobilization is utilized in order to improve the movement between two or more bones and is also beneficial in reducing pain. Physical therapists utilize electrical equipment designed to reduce swelling and pain in injured tissues. Therapeutic exercise is administered to restore strength and blood flow to weakened/injured muscles.

Therapy will educate patients regarding their current problem. We teach patients how to rid themselves of pain and show them how to avoid future problems. We work to improve posture and restore normal biomechanics to the body. Special neurological procedures are utilized in order to help people’s bodies regain proper movement patterns. Gait training is utilized to help improve and normalize people's ability to walk. These are the most common tools and techniques utilized by physical therapists to help restore function and eliminate pain.  There are others that physical therapists employ as needed.