24 02, 2012

Liposuction – For Disastrous Results


If you have ever contemplated liposuction as a weight-loss strategy, or as a way to make your body look better - please think again.  Before getting liposuction, you need to understand some basic anatomy/physiology of the human body. Fat Cells: You are born with a set number of fat cells in your body.  Fat cells [...]

Liposuction – For Disastrous Results2012-02-24T11:02:09+00:00
6 02, 2012

Ladies – Exercise Like a Man


When it comes to weight training, men and women have two completely different approaches to exercise.  Men tend to focus on heavier weights with fewer repetitions.  Women typically lift weights with higher repetitions.  For the women, I have some bad news.  You need to change your weightlifting approach to resemble that of a man's. Most women [...]

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2 02, 2012

Getting Rid of Problem Areas


Most everyone has a body part with which they are unhappy.  For men, it's usually the stomach and for women it's the thighs/hips.  Every year, people spend millions of dollars trying to eradicate problem areas.  They buy specialized exercise equipment that will supposedly turn that problem area into a sculpted thing of beauty.  This is, [...]

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27 01, 2012

Protein Insanity


Dr. Atkins created a tremendous amount of confusion with his high-protein diet plan.  In fact, he has led most of the people in this country down a path toward ill health.  He convinced people that carbohydrates make you fat and that high-protein diets are the key to instantaneous weight loss success.  This is simply not true.  [...]

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18 01, 2012

Fat Loss Versus Weight Loss


The exaggerated claims are everywhere.  Lose amazing amounts of weight - fast.  Lose weight while you sleep.  Lose 30 pounds in 30 days.  These claims get your attention.  These claims get your money.  These claims also fail to deliver the full story.  Can you lose 30 pounds in 30 days?  The answer is yes you can.  [...]

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13 01, 2012

Don’t Kill Yourself Doing Cardiovascular Exercise


Many people think that it is necessary to exercise at an extreme level in order to get good results from exercise.  This is not true.  It is especially untrue regarding cardiovascular exercise.  When you know the true story, you will likely change your approach to exercise intensity. From a minimalist standpoint, it is only necessary [...]

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6 01, 2012

Avoid Weight Loss Surgeries


Weight-loss surgeries are currently experiencing tremendous popularity.  But this popularity comes at a price.  People consider these surgeries to be the only solution to their weight-loss problems.  People think that these surgeries will provide them with the secret weapon that they've been looking for to help them lose weight.  Most of the time, this is not the [...]

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10 10, 2011

Why Starvation Diets Fail


When you restrict calories to a severe degree, or fail to eat on a regular schedule (you should eat six times per day) your body goes into starvation mode.  In starvation mode, fat is hoarded.  Fat is a storage fuel and its main purpose on your body is to keep you alive when food is [...]

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28 09, 2011

Destroy Dieting Plateaus


Dieting plateaus are the enemy of anyone trying to lose weight.  These plateaus are extremely frustrating.  You are suffering through the torture of a restricted calorie diet and yet you're seeing no results on the scale.  Your body has stopped losing weight.  Why is this happening and what can you do? Dieting plateaus occur because [...]

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12 08, 2011

Cardiovascular Exercise Causes Weight Gain


If you ask people what the best exercise for weight loss is, most would answer some type of cardiovascular exercise.  This is, however, not necessarily true.  In fact, excessive amounts of cardiovascular exercise may be highly counterproductive to weight loss. The body is a highly efficient machine.  It is excellent at conserving energy and will [...]

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