Your Perception of Physical Therapy

What do you think of physical therapy? Do you consider physical therapy to be a last resort for your patients? Have you found little value in sending patients to physical therapy? Do your patients come back feeling worse instead of better after physical therapy? When you think of physical therapy, do you envision patients being treated with hot packs and ultrasound?

Bad Marketing

Physical Therapy, as a profession, has not done well in marketing ourselves. When we ask physicians to tell us what they think of physical therapy here is what we often hear:

  • Pain and Torture
  • Glorified Masseuse
  • Treatment of Limited Value
  • Extra Patient Expense (co-pays)
  • Heat/Ice and Ultrasound
  • Exercise

Unfortunately, a significant number of physical therapists do treat patients in a fashion that is deserving of the above descriptions. Good-quality therapy, however, is poorly defined by these statements and requires further explanation. Please see Good Therapy Results.