Frequently Overlooked Physical Therapy Conditions

Many physicians are unaware of all the diagnoses/conditions that physical therapy is capable of treating (consistent with Medicare guidelines). Some of those conditions are:

  • Patients at risk for falls
  • Patients needing to lose weight
  • Patients at risk for additional injury due to compensations, weaknesses, poor body mechanics
  • Patients at risk for other health complications
  • Patients whose conditions will worsen without intervention
  • Patients whose strength or motion are less than 80% of normal
  • Patients with metabolic disorders such as high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol and pre-diabetes
  • Patients who have pain that is limiting their daily function
  • Patients who have other limitations (endurance, strength, ambulation) that limit their self-care and daily function

Physicians see numerous patients every day that can benefit from physical therapy intervention. These patients will be highly appreciative to receive treatment that will address a solution to thier problem. Therapy provides a good alternative or adjunct to medication.