• Exercise can reduce falls, fall-related fractures and several risk factors for falls in individuals with low bone mineral density. Exercise interventions for patients with osteoporosis should include weight-bearing activities, balance exercise and strengthening exercises to reduce fall and fracture risk. (Osteoporosis Int. 2009)
  • Impact and resistance exercise should be advocated for the prevention of osteoporosis. For those with osteoporosis, weight bearing exercise in general and resistance exercise in particular, as tolerated, along with exercises targeted to improve balance, mobility and posture, should be recommended to reduce the likelihood of falling and its associated morbidity and mortality. (Sports Med, 2009)
  • All older seniors should be evaluated annually for falls and strategy should be implemented to reduce falls risk in this population. (Clin Inter Aging, 2009)
  • Exercise can prevent falls in older people. Greater relative effects are seen in programs that include exercises that challenge balance, use a higher dose of exercise and do not include a walking program. (Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, 2009)