Good Therapy Results

Good physical therapy will:

  • Perform a thorough, one hour evaluation to find the root of a patient's disorder. Good therapy works to not only reduce symptoms but to eliminate the problem in its entirety.
  • Analyze posture and consider biomechanical influences relating to a patient's problem. We then apply corrective measures through exercise and manual therapy.
  • Prescribe and dose an appropriate amount of exercise specific to an individual's diagnosis and needs.
  • Educate patients as to good ergonomics, contributing influences to their current condition and proper body mechanics.
  • Spend 30 minutes, every visit, applying manual therapy. Manual therapy can help address problems in tissue extensibility, joint mobility and muscle tension. Manual therapy can help promote increased sensory and proprioceptive awareness of a particular body part thereby allowing greater control and reduced pain.
  • Analyze movement to ensure proper mechanical positioning while executing tasks for work, sports, etc.
  • Look for muscle imbalances between anterior/posterior and/or medial/lateral. Muscle imbalances have been shown to be significant contributing factors in injuries of all types.

Good therapy is far more than just a hot pack and ultrasound. Good therapy will produce great results. Great results mean fewer problems for the physician to solve.