• The present study suggests that progressive walking, simple strength training movements and stretching activities are effective in improving physical, emotional and social function, key symptoms, and self efficacy in women with fibromyalgia who are being actively treated with medication. Furthermore, the benefits of exercise are enhanced when combined with targeted self-management education. (Archives of Internal Medicine)
  • Participants engaging in aerobic and resistance training gained various benefits from the program and functioned the same or better outside the program. (Clin Nurse Spe., 2001)
  • Strength training to improve strength and some functionality in women with fibromyalgia. Interventions with resistance have important implications on independence and quality-of-life issues for women with fibromyalgia. (Arch Phys Med Rehabil, 2005)
  • Moderately intense aerobic exercise is beneficial for people with fibromyalgia, particularly for improving their physical fitness and self efficacy and reducing their tender point pain. (Current Opinion in Rheumatology, 2004)